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Introducing #myBurnoutExperience

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

In my experience, people who've had burnout aren't keen to talk about it publicly. They're often highly motivated achievers, and don't want to be seen by others, or even by themselves, as "victims".

The problem is that as long the burnout experience is kept private, people will continue to not know what is happening to them. Their friends, families and colleagues will continue not knowing what is happening to people in their lives. And their employers will continue - knowingly or unknowingly - to create the conditions for burnout.

Something has to change.

If you have had burnout, and are willing to talk about it, anonymously or otherwise, please consider using this channel.

I know what you've been through, I will respect your privacy (I'm a counsellor, after all), and I will help you tell your story, for example by providing narrative prompts.

First #myBurnoutExperience story follows.

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